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Dubex Summit 23

Dubex Summit 2023

Torsdag d. 28. sept. 2023

09.00 – 18.00

DGI Byen

D-mærket holder indlæg med NIS2 til årets Dubex Summit 23 konference.

Bjarke Alling fra D-mærket holder følgende oplæg:

NIS2 – get the basic done now and then adjust later if needed.

With the new NIS2 regulation businesses are required by law to meet new cybersecurity standards. The standards have effect for both businesses that are directly affected by the regulation and as well subcontractors that are in-directly affected.

By utilizing the free D-seal self-evaluation tool businesses can immediately begin the work towards NIS2 compliance by making sure that all the basic requirements are met. Later business can adjust to any new change to the regulation – if relevant.

In this session you will learn about how the D-seal labeling program do support your business becoming more cyber robust and cyber resilient. You will get an introduction to how to get started and the level of work you need to do to towards NIS2 compliance.  Finally, you will get a status on the work being done within the public-private initiative “The Cyber Security Pact”. The D-seal is one out of three tracks in the Pact and is coordinating the NIS2 work closely with Danish Agency for Digital Government.

The Danish Industry Foundation is behind the D-seal in partnership with the Confederation of Danish Industry, The Danish Chamber of Commerce, SMEdenmark and The Danish Consumer Council.

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